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Chick-Fil-a Facts..

So.. I know we have all had those moments where friends or family drag us out and about and into a fast food resturant.. and Our minds go into Panic mode..

well we can usually find the nutrition facts somewhere but who really wants to be standing their in from on friends or family obessing over calories and counting..

Ove the next few weeks I will post the nutrition info for several fast food joints.. including links to their sites so that you can browse for your self.. 

I will only be posting a few select menu items.. I wont be posting anything over a 500 cal a day limit..

Side Salad..................................................50 cal
Fruit cup (med)...........................................70cal
Chargrilled Chicked Garden Salad.........180cal
Chargrilled and fruit Salad........................220cal
Southwest Chargrilled Salad ....................240cal
Chick Fil A 8cnt nuggets............................260cal
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich.................280cal

Today.. what I did was I got the 8 piece nuggets and a side salad.. I had water but you could add a small diet coke.. thats about 5 dollars and 310 cals.. I did not eat the whole thing either.. I saved half for my dinner at work tonight.. And now Both the people I live with saw me eat.. will see me take it with me.. and The poeple I work with will se me eat as well!! 

Since I am on a 500 cal allowance today this works out perfectly! 

** tricks to "lose" some of the cals.. Accidently drop the top bun on the floor if you get the chargrilled sandwich.. while you cant do this every time. .it will knock off some of the calories right away..    Dont eat the cheese or the carrots in the side salad! they are fatty and carbs..  Only eat 5 or 6 of the nuggets..  they are about 33 cals each.. wrap the others in your napkins and toss them.. or claim to be full and bring them home for later.  tear three nuggets up and toss them in the side salad, remove the carrots and cheese,,..NO DRESSING.. thats about 130 cals and looks like a decent meal..
Never get sauces or dressings you arnt sure about.. they often have a lot of sodium and are cals u can do with out!!



im soo excited about starting this challenge tomorrow.. !!!!!!!!!! M

The new Path..

So.. I read this post on the anabootcamp community http://community.livejournal.com/anabootcamp/2398291.html

There are great girls over there and they post a lot.. so. I am signing up.. right this second and hoing on board..


My Art..

There are three versions of this picture.. The original I drew In July one day as I thought about my Thinspo.. it is Just the pencil parts of this drawing.. The 2nd is with just the black and white background added and the drippy eyeliner.. and stitched lips.. but none of the color adds.. The colored lips eyes and measuring tape I added this morning..



Oct. 29th, 2008

hey im the first post yay lol
im 21 and just had a baby last year im engaged and have been putting of the wedding for everrrrrrrr b/c i dont wanna get married fat :P

im 5'2 and started at 164-168 but have made it down to 130..... i wassssssss 126.5 last week but im a fat pig and binged and gained a huge amount coming back strong tho

im trying to get down to 100lbs by xmas and im determined to do it!!! i will fit into that sexy little black dress :o)

i dont really have anything artistic to post yet but i can post some thinspo ....


personally i like real girl thinspo the ones that arent photoshoped for hours lol

hope everyones doing well :)


Hey Guys.. This is my new LJ community.. right now I am not sure how well it will go over.. But I wanted an extension of what we typically see on "Pro_Ana / Pro_Mia" comunities.. the name is a little bleah.. but.. hopefully our posters and members will shine bright.

What I Expect: I would like to see this grow into a community of acceptance and suport for anyone living with an ED, and even those just wanting to lose some weight, maybe suffering from weight related depression.. Id Like us to share WHO are are.. Our journeys and interests even beyond just how many calories we ate today.. or how much we hate being fat..

We all have our inner thinner and thiving souls that are stiving to get out.. so lets share.. maybe your a dancer and want to share new corography.. Or an artist ( like me) Who wants to share some drawings inspired by our ED's or our emotions regarding our ED's.. Maybe your a musician or Poet and would like to share some of your thoughts.. Or you could just like to share medical or environmental.. or political information.. All that I ask is A) Our post are related to our Cause (PRO ED's) and B) That we remain SUPPORTIVE of eachother.. NO BASHING..

Thank you for checking it out!



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